Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey Kiddies,

I hope you all remember last year and my attempt to host Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood CA.  I figured now is as good a time as any to let you all know that this year, Shockfest will be managed by little old moi. As such, allow me to whore it out.  Don’t fret friends, pretty soon I will be getting back to traditional blogs and even a webseries, which I think you will all love.  It will depict my exploits tormenting the Grove Family, whose closet I happen to be haunting.  It’s a brand new spin on the whole “Horror Host” craze and I look forward to sharing with you details.  But for now, it’s time for some Shockfest. 

Shockfest is running on its 7th year and it will be hosted at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  This year is a special one indeed, as it will be a film festival, a zombie walk, a mini convention and a haunted house.  It will take place on November 16th – 18th and they have a wonderful selection of films to premiere, as well as two different themes on Friday and Saturday night.  Opening night (Friday) they will create a Silver Screen/Golden Age Horror Hollywood ambiance, reminiscent of the 1950s.  This will include magicians entertaining guests, gothic and haunting ambiance and a classy red carpet.  Shockfest has been known in the past for its grungy and 80's indie drive-through environment and Saturday, they will be going back to this familiar theme, with monsters and horrible butchers walking around the outside of the festival.  They will have tables and booths for vendors, authors, actors and film makers to sell their wares and/or autographs to the public.  Saturday is the opening of the Haunted Attraction, which will be a hallway of fear for those brave enough to enter.  Last year this Haunted Attraction brought the house down and I am glad to say it is not only being revived, but remodeled.

“But Jeffrey”, you may be asking, “How do I get tickets to such an event of magnificent proportions?”

Well, all you have to do is follow this link ( and by typing in the promotional code, "Matt" (I was given this code by Matt Rosvally, my delicious human boss, who has given me permission to publicize this code to you all) and you get a %25 discount on any and all tickets.  As I said, this is fine and encouraged to publicized, so take advantage now, my lovelies.

Matt = Promotional Code
So what are you waiting for?  Check out the website at ( for updates on who to expect at the event, what movies are being premiered and hints at what surprises are in store and buy a ticket today!  Go on…click the eventbrite link.  I dare you…Alright, don’t do it.  See if I care.  I’ll just be here…Alone…Sitting in your closet…Waiting…For you to go to sleep…

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