Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Horror Show Theater Presents, Lights Out

Welcome back to Behind The Closet Door.

This week we present to you episode 2 of Horror Show Theater, Lights Out.

Staring Dukey Flyswatter from the Legendary California band, Haunted Garage.  Pleasant dreams.  And remember to keep the lights out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Horror Show Theater Presents, Dumb Cat

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to Behind The Closet Door.

It is that time kiddies.  Sepulture productions has just released a brand new horror channel on Youtube and has begun releasing it's horror Anthology Webseries, Horror Show Theater.  Each episode will be released every Tuesday Bi-Weekly throughout the Holiday months of 2013.
The Pilot, Dumb Cat is a quaint and darkly humorous bit of terror, clocking in just under a minute including the credits and the logo (which is awesome looking by the way).  The logo animation was created by artist and graphic designer Camden Remington. 

Without further to do, allow me to present to you Episode 1 of Horror Show Theater...

Dumb Cat.